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Instrument Technician Courses

Description of the service:

  • We are the leading provider for training techniques.
  • We are training on technical means.
    Below this course is intended for technical specialists, machine tools.
  • The basic principle of level, pressure, flow and temperature.
    Calibration and measurement test systems, pneumatic and electronic Nick as transmitters measure RTDA thermostat, cut apples converters, I / P valve, control valve, ON-OFF switch. Shutdown valve, etc. Switches
    Installation process
    Recommended fittings for pipes and wires Impulse.
    Basic principles of the management regime
    Cascade and principles of control with feedback relationship.
    In the introduction of valves and other body parts types.
    Selection and installation of control valves and accessories.
    Introduction to circuits, wiring, plumbing and drawing tools (P & ID).
    Introduction to the configuration of the HART communicator engine processing using the HART Communicator.
    Basics of PLC and DCS.
    Search for errors and workarounds.
    Maintenance, maintenance, preparation, calibration, online test procedures, dashboard and solution functions, procedures, ISO calibration system, tools of all kinds of control.
    Introduction to various types of panel calibration, finishing, inspection cycle, the process of introducing and troubleshooting the network, the function of PID online.
    Visiting industry and online training.
    Preparation of training report
    Detailed design and implementation of the project.
    Measurement of pressure, flow and temperature.
    Calibration of air pressure sensors and flowmeter.
    Installation of the thermostat, cut apples and ZPP for temperature measurement.
    Manufacturing and installation of pipes and fittings.
    Basic laws of the theory of physics.
    Analysis Series and Parallel Chains
    Measurement of DC and AC parameters, resistance and inductance.
    Monitoring of equipment
    Principle of the management regime

HSE Technical Centre is one of the most famous factories in the industrial training center to practice in our laboratory for all kinds of Hart communication tools and accessories available for the development of labor skills for the industry. Such as refineries, chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer plant, liquefied natural gas, energy, pharmaceutical and shipbuilding industries, etc. Technical Institute in a foreign country. Registered in 2556, conducted by Mr. Shakil Ahmad, who worked in the Middle East and Europe for the last 15 years in instrument engineering engineer, lead engineer commissioning. And established multinational organizations such as Technip Qatar, Chiyoda Corporation Qatar, Toyo Engineering KSA,.
The aim of the institute: –
We offer engineering services and integrated solutions in the field. Instrumentation & Controls, from construction to commissioning. We focus on engineering and commissioning.

Quality control (QC) in oil and gas, refining, petrochemicals, chemistry, water treatment, LNG, energy. Students are trained in theory and theory under the guidance of teachers and B.Tech engineer with experience. We have sincere efforts to give personal attention to each student. We are happy to provide advice and the best cooperation and cordial to us in achieving our goals.
Measurement: –
Modern industries such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants, steel mills, cement industry, shipyards, etc. Under automation with the use of computer technology. Is science and art in the processes of measurement, control and management. Instrumentation The technology of creating, assembling and maintaining equipment and measuring and control systems that helps industries and research institutions are critical to the production and processing of technology currently available.
Flour Deniel KSA, Foster Wheeler Oman Gama Power System Irland Russia GE Russia currently works as an E & I manager at the Consolidated Contractor International Company (CCC) in Abu Dhabi during my career, I noticed that many employees are dismissed without justification . Boss Knowledge in this area, lack of knowledge about drawing and documentation, lack of calibration, contour checks and commissioning. The Institute of Industrial Technology abroad feels hard rock all need a lot of engineers and technicians trained with practical knowledge of the industry and was inspired to open a technical institute that is unique. Students are taught strictly parallel to the theory. Each student in the class has no more than 15-20 people, all of whom have been trained professionally. Well-trained, well-equipped with modern equipment and Internet connections and laboratories for training within the project.