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About Us

HSE Technical Centre one of the best safety, gulf  courses training institute in Jamshedpur, India, which was founded by industry experts, aims to provide safety training in real time.

HSE Technical Centre believes in the philosophy of education, profession and seeks to make a career for students. He considers that choosing a career as the most acute problems that young people face with education and all parents. Parents want to make sure that the son and daughter, they are not just a reward. But interesting and satisfactory progress.

In accordance with article 40 (b) of the Factory Act, 1948, the Government of India allowed the state government to force industrial authorities to designate a security officer to protect employees from the danger of working as a physical trauma or poisoning. This And the rules established by the Advisory Committee on Works and the Central Institute for Labor Protection must be a member of the security service and a diploma in industrial safety. In order to meet the safety requirements, the quality and distribution of security institutions will be open one year Diploma courses in industrial safety. Institutions associated with the need to provide education for the working class and its problems. “Safety and Health” at the Institute for Labor Safety in Jharkhand, safety training in Jamshedpur, Diploma courses in industrial safety during Jamshedpur’s fire safety and security during ¬†Jamshedpur.
The ability to work safety.

To meet the growing demand quickly from many quarters, with a single training center is limited to personnel who have experience in engineering and fire safety at the Institute of Security of the National Security Institute in the College of Safety Lights.  General fire safety and security in Jamshedpur were carried out in movement towards young people, providing them with job opportunities, career safety and assistance at 100% that if left in the capacity potential. To change my life for the better during the year.